WATER, PULP, SUGAR, SODIUM, LIQUID: tomato is all this and more.

A thin and taut skin enough to enclose a universe of flavors and emotions.

< p> If we add to this the traditional agriculture of our farmers, we will have a fairy tale made of love.

In the past, the golden apple was a delicious fruit, prince of the table and Mediterranean Diet.

Today, the tomato is a valid aid in anti-tumor support therapies.
The Gustarosso Pomodorìa aims to be a place for tomato tasting and a meeting place between traditional agriculture, our inestimable value, and the art of the Neapolitan pizza maker, a newborn heritage of humanity recognized by UNESCO. The concept is closely linked to the business life of the DANICOOP cooperative and its shop.

It is the natural continuation of a “food education” operation: you see and buy what you can eat comfortably seated at the table, and on weekends also in fruit and vegetables immersed in the colors and flavors of our land.