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Coming in a field of ripe Tomatoes is a unique experience, you remain as stunned by the aromas rising from the earth: aromas of freshly cut grass and spices that this tomato releases already when it is green. And some of these flavours are still in the boxed product. Ancient perfumes that remember the time when the salads tasted of tomato and sun and they were not strange objects odorless and tasteless. Until 20 years ago, the land suitable for growing vegetables around Naples and in the Sarnese­Nocerino countryside in the province of Salerno was almost entirely planted with San Marzano tomatoes.

These delicate fruits have a thin skin and low acidity and keep their flavor for a long time, even when preserved. However, they must be handled with care. Because of the high cost of growing San Marzanos, they have mostly been replaced with more productive and resistant hybrids, whose cultivation can be mechanized but whose quality is inferior. The canneries that produce "peeled" began to buy elsewhere hybrids more resistant to mechanical production and autochthon San Marzano risked extinction.

The ANCIENT NEAPOLITAN TOMATOES are cultivated as vineyards and they can be harvested seven, eight times, but even more, from July to September. Only if it is quite mature and only when the sun is lower. Just picked up you must rinse and place it in jars, then you can cook in 13 minutes. Nothing else: no additives, no preservatives. It will keep fine in jars for at least one year. The numerous small handcrafted industries, which employ mainly women workers, skin tomatoes. But it's in the plate that these ancient varieties of tomatoes reveal his personality: the sauce obtained with these tomatoes is literally stuck to pasta. And does not transmit acidity to the food. This ancient variety of tomato is one of the ingredients of authentic Neapolitan pizza (the Margherita) and a preparation which in Naples is a ritual: the sauce.



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