Km zero selling

In January 2007 DANIcoop opened an internal point of sale, wholesale and retail, where "km zero selling" really takes place; in other words, the prices are only slightly higher than at source because the products are delivered directly by our member farmers, without passing through the middlemen that push up the final price of fruit and vegetable products so sharply. The main products available at the DANIcoop point of sale include:

  • a wide selection of fresh vegetables;
  • a wide selection of fresh fruit;
  • DOC Gragnano and Lettere wines from the Sorrento peninsula;
  • top quality oils;
  • Setaro pasta;
  • a wide selection of products with the DANIcoopbrand, such as: peeled tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, tomato puree and, of course, our PDO San Marzano tomatoes.

Products bearing our brand are a guarantee because DANIcoop meticulously supervises the whole tomato production process, supplying our members with plants and providing them with technical assistance throughout the transplanting, growth and harvesting phases. Our point of sale is easy to get to: we are just a little more than 1 km from the Sarno tollgate of the A30 motorway and we are very close to the neighbouring towns of Striano and Palma Campania. The DANIcoop premises are attractive and there is plenty of parking.



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