#GustarossoAcademy: the taste of our land live here!

The #GustarossoAcademy project is a long dream: we always want to protect our land and spread the traditions and culture of the Sarno Valley. Chefs, travelers and dreamers arrive in the Agro Sarnese Nocerino to see the miracle of our lands.

We decided to create an Academy, which is in effect a Home of Taste, where the friends of Tomato San Marzano and the biodiversity of the Agro will learn how to make excellences from our Earth.

Pizzeria & Bakery

We are going to teach the so-called White Art: masters, pizzas and bakeries have always been friends with Pomodoro San Marzano: for this reason, we offer to GustarossoAcademy’s friends Neapolitan pizza courses, courses of general bakery, fresh pasta and pastry. At the end of the courses, they will make a final exam that issue a certificate, approved by the best pizzamakers.

Country Cooking

Simple and genuine flavors, local recipes: how many people know all the ways to cook escarols?

Time to store vegetables? Which kind of vegetable is better in February? The mini-courses of country cooking are projected to give you an overview of the cuisine of the Agro-Sarnese Nocerino land.

Learn more about the history and ancient ways to cook food with our tutors and teachers.


#GustarossoAcademy is also Pomodoria: every month, tasting tours dedicated to a theme or the current season. The evenings are guided each time by different chefs and pizzas, all linked to the world of Pomodoro San Marzano. It is also an opportunity to show our lands’ excellences we use everyday.


Our 0km shop, already reported by Gambero Rosso as one of the best fresh fruit and vegetable retailers in Campania, is now expanded: there is place not only for the excellence of our land but also for those from the rest of the country, Italy. From wines to soft drinks, for rice, biscuits and cheeses: the taste for the good is all here.

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